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Letter from the Director


Welcome to the Institute of Materials Science and Engineering!

The IMSE was established in 2013 with the overarching mission of creating and sustaining a culture of interdisciplinary materials science research and education at Washington University. The IMSE brings together more than 50 faculty and student researchers from engineering, the physical and natural sciences, and the medical school to discover new materials, understand how they behave, and envision innovative applications.

IMSE research addresses both fundamental and applied questions about many of the challenges facing society: How can we generate, harvest, store, and use energy more efficiently? What are the environmental implications of technological advancements, and how can we mitigate the negative impacts and promote a sustainable society? What can we learn from how biology creates and uses materials, and how can we use this information to improve healthcare outcomes?

To promote the interdisciplinary research that will answer these questions, the IMSE supports extensive shared user facilities for micro/nanofabrication and materials characterization, and is home to an interdisciplinary, cross-school PhD program in Materials Science and Engineering. Please explore this website to learn more about our research, facilities, and education program.

We look forward to working with you in the IMSE!


Katharine Flores

Director, Institute of Materials Science and Engineering
Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science