Internal User Agreement


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Internal User Agreement

This agreement is valid for the period from July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021. All users listed below are bound to the terms of this agreement. Failure to comply with the terms will render this agreement void.

Terms of Agreement

  1. The IMSE user facility is open to use by any member of the Washington University faculty, their students, and their research staff.  Rates are outlined in the FY’21 User Fee Schedule and may be changed at any time. PIs will be informed before any rate change takes effect.
  2. Initial user training for up to two trainees per instrument per PI is provided at no cost.  Additional basic and advanced training or technical assistance will be charged at the rates described in the FY’21 User Fee Schedule.
  3. Damage incurred due to deviations from standard procedures may result in additional charges. It is the responsibility of the IMSE User to know and understand the user policies for any instrument they have a license to operate.
  4. The cost of entering the cleanroom is fully subsidized, however users will be charged for all consumables and for access to individual instruments.
  5. Users who fail to use an instrument during a time when it has been reserved will be charged at the IMSE WUSTL Internal User Rate.  Reservations must be canceled at least 12 hours before the start of the session to avoid this charge. The IMSE technical staff has full discretion to determine whether reserved equipment is being underutilized by a user.
  6. Users and Advanced Operators can reserve up to 4.5 hrs (prime time) and Advanced Operators can reserve up to an additional 8 hrs (off hours) of pending time (i.e., future events) The pending hours may be distributed over any number of individual sessions. Reservations may be made up to two weeks in advance. Reservations during prime hours (8:00a – 5:00p, M-F) are limited to a maximum of 4.5 hours, unless permission has been granted by IMSE technical staff.
  7. IMSE Users must have an active (i.e., non-expired) IMSE User Agreement (and a license, see below)  to operate any instruments or to enter the cleanroom, have passed the Washington University Environmental Health & Safety, completed the Laboratory Specific Safety training for the specific equipment and have set up their account on iLab.  Further, IMSE Users can operate a particular IMSE instrument only after receiving a license for that instrument by demonstrating proficiency in operation of said instrument. Maintaining a valid license to operate a particular instrument is contingent on compliance with the established user policies for said instrument. All licenses expire one year after the last use of the instrument. The user agreement can be renewed (or modified) anytime by submitting a new IMSE User Agreement Letter.
  8. Users who fail to properly log their equipment use with beginning and ending times will be billed for 8 hours of prime-time equipment use per incident.
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