Clean Room Information


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Cleanroom/L27 Lab

Reservations - Please check daily schedule for the zone before making a reservation.
Daily Schedule - Instructions
Equipment Information - Process Recipes
First Visit Video

General Lab Safety Documents

Cleanroom Safety Presentation
Cleanroom Safety Manual
COVID-19 User Notice - L27 lab, Cleanroom
Safety Data Sheets
Safety Quiz - Cleanroom | L27 lab
User Training Record

After hours policy

All after-hours work including weekends and holidays should be approved by 3 PM. All requests for after hours use should be submitted online via After Hours Clean Room Use Form.   Emails sent after 3 PM will not be reviewed until the next working day.  To gain after hours access to the clean room you will need to check out a swipe card from either Rahul Gupta (Rudolph L27A) or Beth Gartin (Rudolph L52).  Swipe cards must be returned the following business day or the user will be charged a $25 "lost card" fee.