COVID 19 Visitor Policy


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For up-to-date information on Washington University's COVID 19 visitor policy:

Daily self-screen is required for visitors to IMSE

Approved, mission-critical visitors who come to Washington University in St. Louis campus must follow all health requirements, including wearing a mask, physical distancing and enhanced personal hygiene and handwashing. Each day that an approved visitor is scheduled to be present on campus, the visitor is required to complete the university’s daily self-screen
prior to their arrival.

The self-screen tool for visitors is available at
If a visitor does not pass the self-screen, they are prohibited from coming
onto campus.

Prior to their arrival on campus, the visitor must also attest to their
university host via email that they passed the self-screen by forwarding the
email containing the result of their self-screen.

Please forward your self-screen results to:
Tyrone Daulton,
Beth Gartin,

The self-screen is valid for only the day in which it was taken, and must be taken each day prior to entry to the university.