Education Committee


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Katharine Flores

Director, Institute of Materials Science & Engineering

Kathy Flores' primary research interest is the mechanical behavior of high performance structural materials, with particular emphasis on understanding structure-processing-property relationships in bulk metallic glasses and their composites....

Marcus Foston, smiling

Associate Professor, Environmental, Energy and Chemical Engineering

Professor Foston’s research objective is to create a top-tier, world recognized research program in the research and education of emerging technologies for exploitation of lignocellulosic biomass, in particular the lignin fraction of biomass, as...

Richard Loomis, a light-skinned man with a goatee and close-cropped hair, wears a grey suit with blue button down and navy and grey checked tie, in front of a blurred forest background.

Professor, Chemistry

Professor Loomis's research endeavors focus on the detailed interrogation and manipulation of reaction dynamics at the molecular and atomic level.

Rohan Mishra

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science

Rohan Mishra’s research interest is to develop quantitative structure-property correlations in materials starting from the atomic scale. To develop such correlations, his group synergistically combines electronic structure calculations with...

Bryce Sadtler

Assistant Professor, Chemistry

The Sadtler research group is interested in how hierarchical structure of materials from the atomic level to nano- and meso-scale can be used to control their physical properties and chemical reactivity.