Graduate Faculty


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Katharine Flores

Director, Institute of Materials Science & Engineering

Kathy Flores' primary research interest is the mechanical behavior of high performance structural materials, with particular emphasis on understanding structure-processing-property relationships in bulk metallic glasses and their composites....

Professor Damena Agonafer

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science

Professor Agonafer's research interest includes the areas of phase routing strategies for chemical separation and phase change heat transfer processes, and electrochemical storage applications. His research interest is at the intersection of...

Rich Axelbaum

​The Stifel & Quinette Jens Professor of Environmental Engineering Science

Rich Axelbaum studies combustion phenomena, ranging from oxy-coal combustion to flame synthesis of nanotubes. His studies of fossil fuel combustion focus on understanding the formation of pollutants, such as soot, and then using this...

Sang-Hoon Bae

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science

Sang-Hoon Bae joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science in August 2021 from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he was a postdoctoral research associate. His research interests include new material building...

Peng Bai - an Asian man with short-cropped hair and glasses - dressed in a black suit jacket with a blue striped collared shirt, arms folded, looking at the camera.

Assistant Professor, Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering

Professor Bai’s research focuses on the development of next-generation batteries. The Battery Analytical Investigation (BAI) Group he leads adopts a combined theoretical and experimental approach to:

probe the in situ electrochemical...

Mikhail Berezin

Associate Professor, Radiology

Berezin Lab research interest lies in the investigation and application of optical imaging and optical spectroscopy to understand complex biomedical problems, such as peripheral neuropathies, nerve regenerations, and chronic pain. For our studies...

Pratim Biswas

Professor, Energy Environmental and Chemical Engineering

Professor Biswas's research interests include aerosol science and engineering; nanoparticle technology; air quality engineering; environmentally benign energy production; combustion; materials processing for environmental technologies,...

William Buhro

Professor, Chemistry

Professor Buhro's research interests include synthetic inorganic and materials chemistry; optical properties of semiconductor nanocrystals, including quantum wires, belts and platelets; metallic nanoparticles; magic-size nanoclusters;...

Shantanu Chakrabarty

Professor, Electrical and Systems Engineering

Shantanu Chakrabartty's research explores new frontiers in unconventional analog computing techniques using silicon and hybrid substrates. His objective is to approach fundamental limits of energy efficiency, sensing and resolution by exploiting...

Rajan Chakrabarty

Assistant Professor, Energy, Environmental and Chemical Engineering

Rajan Chakrabarty's research focuses on two distinct themes: (i) Investigating the role of atmospheric aerosols in earth’s energy balance using novel instrumentation and diagnostic techniques, and numerical models; and (ii) Understanding aerosol...

Julio D'Arcy

Assistant Professor, Chemistry

The overarching goals of the D’Arcy laboratory are to discover and apply novel functional nanostructured organic and inorganic materials utilizing universal synthetic chemistry protocols that control chemical structure, nanoscale morphology, and...

Marcus Foston, smiling

Associate Professor, Environmental, Energy and Chemical Engineering

Professor Foston’s research objective is to create a top-tier, world recognized research program in the research and education of emerging technologies for exploitation of lignocellulosic biomass, in particular the lignin fraction of biomass, as...

Guy Genin

Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science

Guy Genin studies interfaces and adhesion in nature, physiology, and engineering. His current research focuses on interfaces between tissues at the attachment of tendon to bone, between cells in cardiac fibrosis, and between protein structures at...

Jianjun Guan

Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science

​Professor Guan’s research interests are in biomimetic biomaterials synthesis and scaffold fabrication; bioinspired modification of biomaterials; injectable and highly flexible hydrogels; bioimageable polymers for MRI and EPR imaging and oxygen...

Sophia Hayes

Professor, Chemistry

The goal of ​Professor Hayes' research group is a basic understanding of the structure and properties of different types of inorganic systems, including semiconductors and other optically and electronically active materials.

Erik Henriksen

Assistant Professor, Physics

​Erik Henriksen heads an experimental condensed matter research lab with interests primarily in the quantum electronic properties of graphene and other novel two-dimensional systems.

Nathaniel Huebsch

Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering

Professor Huebsch's research focus is in basic and translational stem cell mechanobiology, with specific focus on hydrogels to control cell-mediated tissue repair, and 3-D models heart-on-a-chip models derived from human induced pluripotent stem...

Professor Kenneth Kelton

Professor, Physics

Dr. Kelton received his B.S. in Mathematics from Arkansas Polytechnic College graduating magna cum laude and his masters in Physics from the University of Tennessee; his thesis was entitled "Kinetic Properties of Thin Film Solid Solution Gold (...

Matthew Lew

Assistant Professor, Electrical & Systems Engineering

Matthew Lew seeks to build technology to study molecular activities and interactions at the nanoscale and how they influence the evolution of systems at the macroscale. His research interests include microscopy, biophotonics, computational...

Harold Li

Professor, Radiation Oncology

Dr. Li is the Director of Research in Medical Physics. In this role, Dr. Li assists the Director of Medical Physics in managing medical physics research within the Division and oversees each of the working groups that are developing new radiation...