Lab Safety & New User Information


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Annual Safety Requirements: 

Need to be renewed EACH year by July 1.

1. IMSE Internal User Agreement  - signed by PI

2. Complete the lab specific safety training 

     a.  Materials characterization equipment - Laboratory Specific Training - signed by user

     b.  Fumehoods and/or Parylene Deposition in Rudolph L27, review your project with Dr. Rahul Gupta and review Laboratory Specific Training for L27

     c.  Cleanroom -  Review the Cleanroom Safety Training slides. Complete the online quiz and notify Dr. Rahul Gupta

     d. PPMS (L27C) - Review the safety training with Dr. Rahul Gupta.

3. Complete the online Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) lab safety training via Learn@Work.  This is an annual training, that needs to be refreshed each year. 

4. Sign the Bluebook in Rudolph L52 attesting that you have completed the EHS lab safety training and the lab specific training.


New User Requirements:

1. If you need training on an instrument, complete the training request form.

2. Set up an iLab account if you do not already have one. 

3. If you are a new user the items above in "Annual Safety Requirements" must also be completed prior to being trained. 


For questions regarding paperwork, please contact Beth Gartin, Rudolph L52

Internal & External Pricing

For  external pricing information please contact: Beth Gartin  314-935-7191

External users can pay via our secure credit card portal - CREDIT CARD PAYMENT

For internal pricing & user agreement please visit: IMSE WUSTL Box. You will need your WUSTL key and password to log in.