Lab Specific Training - Materials Characterization Equipment


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Lab Specific Training - Materials Characterization Equipment

All Users of the IMSE must have completed the University’s Environmental Health & Safety - Annual Regulatory Compliance and Safety Training. The University’s Environmental Health & Safety web site is  email is; phone number is (314) 362-6816.

The user is required to understand IMSE lab policies and follow the protocols.

  1. Dress code
    1. Shorts, skirts and open toed shoes are prohibited.
  2.  Individuals in laboratories
    1. Eating, drinking, gum chewing, or other such activities are not allowed in the lab rooms.
    2. Conduct yourself in a responsible manner at all times in the lab room.
  3. Materials
    1. Biologically active, radioactive and hazardous materials are prohibited in the IMSE lab rooms
    2. It is required to follow EHS procedure for waste and unwanted material disposal.
    3. If the user is in doubt if a material is prohibited, they are required to consult with IMSE staff before bringing that material into the lab.
    4. Storage of material in the IMSE labs must be approved by the IMSE staff. Unattended material is subject to be discarded as unwanted material.
  4. Use of IMSE Central Facility Instruments
    1. Only IMSE users that have an IMSE License to operate a specific instrument can operate that instrument.
    2. Always follow the operation and safety instructions detailed in the user manual for the instrument.
    3. Do not repair or modify equipment including defeat of safety interlocks.
    4. Do not remove any protective lead-shielding panels from electron beam instruments.
  5. Use of Cryogenic Liquids
    1.  Always wear appropriate personal protection equipment (insulating gloves and safety googles.)
  6. Use of a Chemical Fume Hood
    1. The fume hood should not be used as a storage area for chemicals or equipment.
    2. All containers must be capped when not in use. Evaporation of chemicals is prohibited.
    3. Work at least 6" inside the hood. For vertical hood, with a hood sash opening less than 14”.
    4. Never allow your head to enter the plane of the hood opening. For example, for vertical rising sashes, keep the sash below your face; for horizontal sliding sashes, keep the sash positioned in front of you and work around the side of the sash.


Please enter the date that you completed the Environmental Health and Safety - Annual Laboratory Safety Training. You are required to have completed this training within the last calendar year.
Completing this form and entering the dates above serves as the official record that you have completed the listed trainings. This is the equivalent of signing the "Bluebook" to use the Material Characterization equipment for the IMSE. If you have any questions about this requirement, contact Beth Gartin,