IMSE PhD Student
Advisor: Prof. Srikanth Singamaneni

Professor Kenneth Kelton

Dr. Kelton received his B.S. in Mathematics from Arkansas Polytechnic College graduating magna cum laude and his masters in Physics from the University of Tennessee; his thesis was entitled "Kinetic Properties of Thin Film Solid Solution Gold (...

Harold Li

Dr. Li is the Director of Research in Medical Physics. In this role, Dr. Li assists the Director of Medical Physics in managing medical physics research within the Division and oversees each of the working groups that are developing new radiation...

Huafang Li

Richard Loomis, a light-skinned man with a goatee and close-cropped hair, wears a grey suit with blue button down and navy and grey checked tie, in front of a blurred forest background.

Professor Loomis's research endeavors focus on the detailed interrogation and manipulation of reaction dynamics at the molecular and atomic level.

Yang Lu with an optical micrograph

IMSE PhD Student
Advisor: Prof. Julio D'Arcy

Mark Meacham

Mark Meacham’s research interests include microfluidics, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) and associated transport phenomena, with application to design, development and testing of novel energy systems and life sciences tools, from scalable...

Rohan Mishra

In his lab at WashU, Rohan Mishra plans to identify and develop a quantitative measure of structure-property correlations in materials, such as epitaxial thin films and materials with reduced dimensionality, using a synergistic combination of...

IMSE PhD Student
First Year Student

Our research group uses microanalytical techniques to study extraterrestrial materials in order to better understand the formation and evolution of our Solar System, as well as other stars.

We are analyzing returned samples from a comet,...