Shantanu Chakrabarty

Professor, Electrical and Systems Engineering

Shantanu Chakrabartty's research explores new frontiers in unconventional analog computing techniques using silicon and hybrid substrates. His objective is to approach fundamental limits of energy efficiency, sensing and resolution by exploiting...

Rajan Chakrabarty

Assistant Professor, Energy, Environmental and Chemical Engineering

Rajan Chakrabarty's research focuses on two distinct themes: (i) Investigating the role of atmospheric aerosols in earth’s energy balance using novel instrumentation and diagnostic techniques, and numerical models; and (ii) Understanding aerosol...

Fangzheng Chen

IMSE Ph.D. Candidate

Advisor: Prof. Kenneth Kelton, Physics

Qinyi Chen

IMSE Ph.D. Candidate

Advisor: Prof. Elijah Thimsen, Energy, Environmental and Chemical Engineering

Julio D'Arcy

Assistant Professor, Chemistry

The overarching goals of the D’Arcy laboratory are to discover and apply novel functional nanostructured organic and inorganic materials utilizing universal synthetic chemistry protocols that control chemical structure, nanoscale morphology, and...

Yu Dang

IMSE Ph.D. Candidate

Advisor: Prof. Jianjun Guan, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science

Tyrone Daulton

Lab Manager, IMSE


Yifan Diao

IMSE Ph.D. Candidate

Advisor: Julio D'Arcy, Chemistry

Junwei Du

IMSE Ph.D. Candidate

Advisor: Prof. Mikhail Berezin, Biology and Biomedical Sciences

Marcus Foston, smiling

Assistant Professor, Environmental, Energy and Chemical Engineering

Professor Foston’s research objective is to create a top-tier, world recognized research program in the research and education of emerging technologies for exploitation of lignocellulosic biomass, in particular the lignin fraction of biomass, as...