Our faculty have diverse expertise in:

  • Synthesis of novel quantum and quantum-confined materials
  • Characterization of physical properties and discovery of new physical phenomena
  • Developing theoretical underpinnings of their physical properties and predicting new materials systems to guide experiments
  • Development of photonic devices for detecting chemical and biological processes.

Students working in this vibrant research gain expertise in synthesis of materials from the nanoscale to atomically thin films and bulk crystals, lithographic patterning of devices, modeling and prediction of structure and properties of novel materials, and developing new analytical instrumentation.

Erik Henriksen

Associate Director of IMSE Facilities, Associate Professor of Physics

Arpita Bose

Associate Professor of Biology

William Buhro

Chair and Professor of Chemistry

Sophia E. Hayes

Professor of Chemistry

Henric Krawczynski

Professor of Physics

Richard A. Loomis

Professor of Chemistry

Kater Murch

Professor of Physics

Zohar Nussinov

Professor of Physics

Sheng Ran

Assistant Professor of Physics

Bryce Sadtler

Associate Professor of Chemistry​

Li Yang

Professor of Physics

Chong Zu

Assistant Professor of Physics